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TLC Final Chowdown Challenge!

Why didn’t I know about this sooner? So apparently the TLC Man vs Food Chowdown has set foot here in the Philippines.

Challengers can visit select Gerry’s Grill, Sbarro and Gong Cha branches and freely participate. I can’t find information regarding the Gerry’s Grill challenge but I reckon the challenger should finish platters (LOL plural) of viands and rice. Gong Cha Philippines announced that the challenge is coming soon. So just like Gong Cha Philippines’ fanpage just to be up to date ;) And for Sbarro, the challenge has started and will be running until April 7, 2012: Finish a 4-pound Great White NY Style Pizza in FREAKING 15 MINUTES!!!!! GAAAWWWDDDD hahahahahaha. If you end up defeating this feat, you will have bragging rights, be included in Sbarro’s Hall of Fame and possibly qualify for the semi-finals of the TLC Chowdown Challenge. OTHERWISE, YOU’LL HAVE TO PAY Php551 but get away with a very full stomach and a minor gift from Sbarro.

No way I’m going for the Sbarro challenge! 15 minutes for an entire pizza >_< I also won’t be up for the Gerry’s Grill, I think one of the dishes have vegetables LOL. And though I have been nursing swollen gums for the past week, I want to join the Gong Cha Challenge! :D :D :D Will definitely be watching out for that one :D

Facebook note on the details of the Sbarro Challenge.

Photos of the Sbarro Challengers.

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